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Three years of Strictly Limited Games

Strictly Limited Games is celebrating its third birthday and we are very proud of the development of our young label in the three years of its existence and what the team has achieved over this very period of time.

• More than 40 releases of awesome games
• The release of two lost treasures from the 90s – Clockwork Aquario and Ultracore
• Shipping to fans in more than 100 countries worldwide
• Building up a wonderful and dedicated team of game enthusiasts
• A great and loyal community that makes the realization of those awesome projects possible

Strictly Limited Games celebrating its third birthday would of course not have been possible without its community and all the passionate boxed game fans and collectors around the world.
Therefore, three games were announced and are already available for pre-order in the Strictly Limited Games Shop.

Clockwork Aquario
An unearthed arcade gem that was waiting for its release for almost 30 years
Last Labyrinth
The first PSVR game in the line-up of Strictly Limited Games
Gryphon Knight Epic: Definitive Edition
A new iteration of one of the first games of Strictly Limited Games back in 2017

We are very happy for the team and look forward to the years that follow with many exciting projects, awesome games and great partnerships.

Published December 4, 2020