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Retro masterpiece makes a great comeback

The January 29th, 2021 marks the comeback of a retro masterpiece and German video game icon.
Our label ININ Games will release the physical and digital version of the legendary Turrican collection – Turrican Flashback on Nintendo Switch and Sony PlayStation4. Developed by legends in the video game industry and remastered by lifelong fans, Turrican’s long awaited return to the market is here with a carefully selected collection of four of the most amazing titles. Turrican 1 & 2, Super Turrican and Mega Turrican are part of the Turrican Flashback Collection.

The remasters bring brand new elements to the tried and true formula of the original versions of the games, offering old and new fans something unique for this edition.


• Reworked modern control scheme – play tested and tailored by lifelong Turrican fans from across Europe
• Customizable display (shaders, wallpapers and different display options)
• Gigantic levels, heart-blazing action and huge boss fights
• Rewind feature and save states to allow players an optional easier challenge
• Timeless and critically acclaimed soundtracks by composer Chris Huelsbeck

We are pleased that this project, which was passionately pursued by our labels, has come to be realized. And we are grateful for the great cooperation on the way to the release. We hope that many of the loyal and the new Turrican fans will have a lot of fun with this great collection.

For more information about the game, please visit the Turrican Flashback Gamepage.

Published January 22, 2021